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Posted on Wed, Apr 23, 2014
by Luis Ibanez

Open source tools bring speed and agility to Project Tango

Innovation is occurring today at a rate that has never been matched in history. Why? Well, for a large chunk of it, open source technologies and tools have allowed for more collaboration, shared knowledge and the ability to solve problems faster. Google's Project Tango, the first open source, modular phone is a great example of this.
"Just as I... More
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Posted on Wed, Apr 23, 2014
by Ucilia Wang

Google and SunPower Fund Solar Homes

Google and SunPower are teaming up to bring solar homes to more consumers. Basically what this means is that the two companies are going in on a $250 million fund to help residents finance solar leases to pay for solar electricity rather than traditional rooftop solar panels.
"Google is a big booster of renewable energy, inking wind power projects... More
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Posted on Wed, Apr 23, 2014
by Trevor Mogg

Twitter's New Photo-Centric Profile Design

Twitter's new profile design for the web is brilliant, and it looks a lot like Facebook and Google+. The idea? To make users want to engage more on the web and "own" and customize their own profile.

"New features include ‘best tweets’ where posts that have gotten the most engagement will show slightly larger, making it simpler for others to find... More

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Posted on Tue, Apr 22, 2014
by Ryan MacInnis Digital Disruption Original

New York's Digital Chief puts Government and Innovation Under One Roof

Finding new ways to innovate while bridging the all-so-scary government gap is what keeps New York State’s top digital officer - and newly minted CDO of the Year Award winner - up at night.
Rachel Haot brings wide-ranging experience and perspective to her new role with the state. She previously was the chief digital officer for the the City of New... More
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Posted on Tue, Apr 22, 2014
by Darrell Etherington

Apple Patents Driver Distraction Lockdown Mode

Apple has patented a driver distraction lockdown mode for iOS that would use sensors to figure out if the car is in motion and when it's at rest to lock and unlock your device.
The system described isn’t just about driving, however; it includes provisions for similar features integrated into a parental security mode, allowing functions like SMS... More
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